Men’s Fashion Basics – Part 4 – Chinos

Men’s Chinos were Designed for the British and French military in the mid-19th century, chinos were originally called khakis and are made from a twill fabric usually in cotton.

Jeans are loved , But what we’re aiming for here is a versatile wardrobe that will look great in any occasion and besides it’s nice to have a bit of variety from the standard jeans and t-shirt brigade. I myself have already started thinking of  making a move away from jeans and favouring chinos and trousers for my days (like i mentioned in previous posts am using this as a medium to force myself to dress well).

As earlier mentioned, the primary reason to purchase them is to add some different dimensions to your outfits but don’t underestimate the fact that they are a lot more comfortable than jeans. Once you’ve finally worn jeans in, you don’t want anything else hugging your legs but for those first few months they can be a bit of a pain. Not with chinos/trousers! Comfy from the word go because they are made of lighter material, mostly cotton based and, especially in the summer months, are a far more practical and suitable option than jeans.

The fact that they are extremely stylish and versatile doesn’t hurt either…
Personally I think every guy should grab himself a pair of the classic camel/beige coloured chinos. They go with pretty much everything; from a simple  white V-neck Tee to a blue shirt and grey v-neck jumper, even with just a grey tee and a black hoodie you can’t go wrong. These colours tend to go with nearly everything so again we have the versatility and when you find a great slim fitting pair, you’ll be on the right track. A black pair normally looks quite formal as they are essentially the same as trousers, but they make an amazing alternative to black jeans that will go great with your bold plaid shirts and graphic t-shirts.

For a real idea of what chinos and trouser can do check out the Chino’s Look book (Chino’s Look Book Click Here) and really start experimenting to see what works for you and how you like to wear them. But what I will say is that nothing can beat the simple paired down look of some camel coloured chinos with a crisp well fitting white oxford shirt and brown loafers for a weekend outfit. Stick to our rules on fit, buy versatile options that will go with what else is in your wardrobe; for some reasons i’ll advise you STAY AWAY FROM PLEATS (google the word to see the meaning and examples)  and you will start seeing these as serious contenders to your favourite pair of jeans in no time.

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