BLUESMART – The World’s First Smart Connected Luggage

Longtime, Thank God i already closed my session. Over to the real deal , BLUESMART is an American technology company that is developing, and planning to produce, Internet-connected travel products, starting with a carry-on suitcase which communicates with a smartphone app, raising $1.7 million USD in contributions through crowdfunding website Indiegogo and becoming the highest crowdfunding project ever for a travel product.

Bluesmart‘s main product is the Bluesmart Smart, Connected Carry-on. It has a digital lock that allows users to lock and unlock the suitcase from a phone app. The proximity sensors automatically locks the bag when it is separated from the user. It also contains a digital scale for users to be able to see the exact weight of their suitcases on the app. Users receive distance alerts and are notified on their smartphones via SMS when they are move further away from their case. There is also location tracking technology that tracks the location of suitcases and also allows users to charge their cell phones. It is planned to be released to the market in August or October 2015.

Who wouldn’t want to travel smart? although only preorders are available for now but it won’t definitely be a bad idea to spend some few dollars on this cool piece of tech.

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